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Research, technological development, innovation and knowledge exchange have become the engines of regional economic development, reinforced by pervasive clustering processes.

The mission of NORRIA North Hungarian Regional Innovation Agency is to support and coordinate incentives driving these trends.

Services provided by the agency are aimed at sustainable regional economic development with a special focus on the vulnerable SME sector. To achieve this, we need to set clear directions for innovation processes, improve framework conditions creating a fertile environment for innovation, facilitate efficient and conscious technology and knowledge transfer as well as harness synergies activated and multiplied by strategic partnerships and networks.

As the executive body of the Hungarian Regional Innovation Council, NORRIA constitutes an integrated part of the regional decision-making system, moreover it plays active role in the development of regional support programmes aiming at economic growth. Backed by these functions and our successful operation, the Agency has become well-known and acknowledged among the institutions and businesses involved in regional innovation processes.

The Agency has built close cooperation with regional knowledge centres, research and development institutes, higher educational institutions, and innovative businesses in order to establish and coordinate a network providing innovation services based on wide-ranging expertise and experience.